Fitness is killing my food mojo!

Why hello reader….so i’ve decided on a overly wordy post on how trying to be a fit and healthy person is really messing with my ability to blog about food. I’ve been actively working with a trainer since like May-ish with quite decent results actually…my pulse rate is very low! One thing I have never been called, and I been called many things….is skinny. While I don’t think “skinny” will ever be my M.O. I have realised that fattitude can majorly affect your life, as well as define you. Being female is a drag in that way anyway, trust me if there is one thing I have always known its that I was never skinny enough….the first time I remember being called “Fat” was at my 8th birthday and from that point on in school it never really changed, I wasn’t the prom queen, I was the “Class Clown”. I guess to a degree it has always been part of my persona….like a characterture, a way to fit into some elses filter of who I was. But since i’ve had my son and gone through some family stress i’ve realised…maybe that isn’t who I am? It’s like taking off layers of protection in a way to lose weight, as those who would normally file you out as invisible due to fatness start to notice you. There is a vain side to it….a great motivator vanity is…yeah peeps look better without excess fat..Darwin…survival of the fittest shit. Fitness is hard, so now when I see a babe wearing a small amount of clothes and struttin around, I don’t hate, I congratulate, cuz its hard to be fit! Toughest thing i’ve ever tried to do honestly, you are sore most the time, you have to record what you eat, you have to lift heavy stuff over your head and do squats and push ups! I’ve always been half-assed athletic, so I kinda like it…and good thing because I get up at 5am to do it! With this of course is rethinking food intake and what is appropriate portion wise….it’s not anywhere near as much as you are hoping, unless you have a ferrets metabolism which a small minority do have…not me. So honestly it does affect my cooking endeavors…I eat a lot of the same stuff and most of it isn’t very photogenic. I don’t think I will feel this way permanently and hopefully it will just make me more creative, but in the meantime hang in there…or don’t….but I will be doing some random posting on my fitness journey as I think it will force me to be made accountable. Yeehaw!

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Sorta Succotash

In life we make a lot of assumptions, this I think can be a dangerous way to filter out people or ideas. My analogy for this in a food related sense would be on a shopping trip I made the other day. I grabbed what I assumed to be regular corn, so to my amazement when I got home and began shuckin’ what lied beneath the humble husk was the most beautiful jewel toned purple and white sweet corn. Continue reading


Labor day chicken enchiladas

I am very sad to report our chicken “Tupac” was attacked by a racoon on Saturday and sucummed to injuries. I take death so hard, she was a great chicken and I admit it,I got attached. I probably should’ve tried to cook her but I couldn’t do it, so she is buried with a monument in the back yard. I think I would be a terrible farmer….i’d like to think i’m self reliant, but if I had to kill my own meat, I wouldn’t eat meat. Now if someone else does that stuff and I just get de-feathered and ready to cook i’m all in. Continue reading


Greek style cheese pies (Tyropita) and the plight of the lonely extrovert.

Life, it will kill ya! Well had some recent disappointments, reality cooking show redemption is on hold perhaps forever….don’t you love rejection emails? I sure do….not. But onward and upward…in all actuality, besides feeling sorry for myself and reflecting on what I lack, I’m not really that upset. I think life is more about learning to be resilient to rejection more than it is about celebrating success. Self-analysis is a less than stellar activity for most, myself included and I’ve done a lot of it in the last few years, and realized I am one of those people pleasing extroverts. Some folks can’t stand our kind, I think oh I am hilariously vocal, others might find this audible annoyance, but really we just yearn for love and approval. I just want everything to be fun! Is that so wrong? Continue reading


Balsamic strawberry spoon cake with poppy seeds


So I had a smashing time at the Kenton farmer’s market on Friday! The berries were especially lovely, and by buying in bulk I got a screaming deal on some strawberries. We ate most of them au natural but I had about a pint left yesterday and whipped up this lil’ cake, which conveintly coincided with Food52’s Your best berry recipe contest (Update it was chosen as a community pick!). The balsamic packs a nice tang and makes little pockets of syrupy loveliness that balances out the sweet cake, and right at the end a bit of crunch from the poppy seeds! I am not a great baker, but this recipe hybrid I created is fool-proof and delicious. I like no nonsense rustic stuff, if you are looking for hotsie totsie…..go elsewhere, if you want something easy that will highlight the best of the season then read on! Continue reading

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Rustic Lentils and Barley ala crock pot


You know that feeling when you finally feel like you are home? Well I haven’t felt that way in quite a few years….and finally I feel that sentimental braingasm of belonging that isn’t really familiar to me. With all the anxiety that moving brings we quite possible made the best decision we as a team (my husband and I) have ever made. Abraham Maslow theorized that every human desires membership, order, and meaning. In the hierarchy of needs we need all these things to be “happy” I don’t know if its in a “Pharrell” kinda way or just having a sense of belonging. I actually find it quite hard to be my normal, cynical, self when everything seems to be coming up Zanny (my nickname). With this new optimism comes a rediscovery of things in the past I have been negative about….one I have realized I had unfairly judged would be the crock pot, slow cooker, whatever you like to call them. Continue reading


Underground Panna Cotta with Grapefruit & broiled Orange


Wow!  Feel like i’ve been gone forever, we have successfully moved into our own home, but not successfully unpacked yet. It has been awesomely stressful as with most things that are good decisions.  I have also gone to Seattle, and to the coast, not to mention registering Ava for school, Ari’s birthday, and an awesome visit from my homeboy SMP!  On his recent visit he brought along some Underground Herbal Spirit made in my hometown and I decided today was the day to make a quick and easy dessert with the herby elixer before I drank it all. Continue reading

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California Walnuts’ Virtual Salad Party and a Cook Book Giveaway!


I was recently invited to participate in California Walnuts’ virtual salad party! I got to choose from several different entree salad recipes and I chose this one from Aida Mollenkamp. The recipe is Baby Beet Salad With Chevre And Savory Caraway-Walnut Granola and the reason I chose this one is because of the ingenious savory granola element added to a classic mix of stuff my family and I love. Continue reading