Oven “fried” chicken sliders

Personal morality and business just don’t mix….it’s honestly way too subjective, and limiting your clientele based on dogma is really selling the business owner short. I have patronized businesses that probably don’t agree with me politically, socially, or religiously. Continue reading

“Chi-town” style Italian beef for slackers.

Fall is drifting in as Summer exits stage left, and it’s a stunning change for sure. If you are hoping for a post about pumpkin spice flavored things, or to see a picture of a set of hands and canvas aproned torso, forming savory scones, you have made the wrong turn at Albuquerque (Bugs Bunny reference, in cause you are a reader under the age of 30) and find the 10’s of 1000’s of other posts available with that. Continue reading

Hatch sofrito rice with pork and pintos

I have great memories of spending time with my grandmother Marion. She was always glamorous, impeccably dressed, and a 40’s era independant woman. She was never big into cooking, as she grew up in a very traditional, Mormon family where roles were very singular, so I think she tried to go a different route than her own mother had. Continue reading

Slow roasted chicken with barbeque sauce

Fridays are usually a night where we take the kids to pizza or grab burgers, but recently I have found going out to be inauthentic, not meaning like in a “procedure” kind of way but in “experience” sort of way. Most things that are promoted are based from revenue paid to advertisers of newspapers and those who are the most “well connected”. I’m so sick of what someone else’s (usually compensated) opinion of something is, that honestly I have given up on pursuing the “hot spots”. Continue reading

Thai style omelette and an ode to Sriracha

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I’m currently laid out due to a back injury…I never appreciated full mobility as much as I do now, without it. But aside from feeling sorry for myself, I watched the documentary Sriracha Movie all about the hot sauce. It’s another awesome tale of American ingenuity, and the struggle that goes along with success. Continue reading

Day tripper: Olympia Washington.

I love when I get to see friends I have had since high school. I honestly think that as you age you get more jaded, and that making friends like you had in your most awkward time in your life is not possible, or maybe I’m just terrible….either way I had been meaning to go see Kelly since I moved to Portland. Continue reading

Turkey and Summer squash Keftedes with Zucchini Tzatziki

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I was recently gifted several zucchini and Summer squash from my neighbor. They may have grown a bit larger than ideal for quick sauteing which is usually my go to for these veggies, so I decided to do a play on Greek meatballs (keftedes) with tzatziki, I had a lot of product to use so I figured I would use the zucchini and squash in both the meatballs and the sauce and the results were delicious! Continue reading