Mapo Tofu

Well last few weeks were rather eventful for me….after several months of job hunting and being discouraged with my limited availability, full time mom duties, and general weirdness (yes, even for Portland) I was ready to give up and figured recipe development,cooking for family, and blogging were going to have to do (they are my […]

Waldorf chicken salad rolls

So the Waldorf is a famous salad served at the Waldorf Astoria, in NY, NY, for decades. Its a throw back classic for sure, but if this salad was a rockstar it would be Mick Jagger, because it has staying power! California Walnuts is having a contest to do a recipe refresh version of this […]

Family style fried rice

As I have mentioned before, Americanized Chinese food is totally nostalgic for me, as we ate at the same restaurant every Sunday (and sometimes weekdays) for about 20 years of my life, so I ate many incarnations of fried rice. Then when I started working with the crew at Tona we would have “family meal” […]

Broccoli chicken alfredo skillet

Weeknight meals, can be repetitive or sometimes a little boring….especially when you are trying to please everyone with one dish. I think this one does the trick. Most everyone loves alfredo pasta with chicken and broccoli, it is probably one of the most ordered dishes in Italian American restaurants. You can use this method to […]

Pork Bulgogi Yakitori

Still hot, which means cooking indoors just isn’t appealing. So I did a bit of fusion with this one….I went to a great Korean restaurant on Friday and it totally made me want to try and create the bold and spicy complexity that Korean cuisine has. I love yakitori it’s probably the best thing to […]

Old Town/Chinatown PDX

   Hot time summer in the city!  With temps hitting 92 degrees today, it goes without saying that our usual “June-uary” here in Portland is hot…like breaking records hot. We decided that it would be a good afternoon to go have some Chinese food in Chinatown, take a dip in the public fountain at the […]

Healthy Broccoli cheese soup

When learning to overcome a lifetime of bad habits, which I am in the midst of at 34 years young. I have found that I have to think about why certain things are so essential for me to enjoy life. Most of these things have calories, which is something I am trying to cut out. […]

Summertime Somen Salad

So my brother took his family on an epic Hawaii adventure, his daughter just graduated from high school, so for her trip they decided to do it up right. I have been to both Maui and Oahu, and I love both Islands so much that I can’t help but be jealous as I virtually follow […]

Ogden really is awesome.

What can you say about the place you come from? I definitely have had my fair share of criticism of my hometown, but I think that is the kind of passion that you feel for a place where you have lived most stages of life; the good and bad. Ogden is geographically gorgeous, regardless of […]