Portland Caprese

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Summer..Summer…Summertime….let’s just sit back and unwind (In the style of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (before Scientology). Ah the delights of Summer! All kinds of seasonal produce is hitting the farmer’s market right now, so why not make a 5 minute recipe? First thing’s first I AM IN NO WAY STATING that this is Portland’s “Only” caprese cuz I know one of the 10 people reading this is gonna be all “This is not “Portland’s Caprese” I had it at (insert local place here) and it totes magoats has kale and veggie shreds”….this is MY version of the famed overly put on restaurant menus all over the country salad ok? Kinda like when Depeche Mode talks about one having “Your own personal Jesus” purely perspective based, nothing to be made doctrine of…just a damn good salad. Now that that disclaimer is out of the way we should talk ingredients. Continue reading “Portland Caprese”