Chocolate drizzled pistachio and cherry baklava

November 5th 2015

Jpeg Today I have teamed up with Chocoley Chocolate to bring you a delicious recipe, right in time for the holidays. I don't fancy myself a baker whatsoever, but I do make a mean Baklava! I did a rolled version today, ...Continue Reading

Funeral potatoes...modernized.

October 19th 2015

Jpeg Updated Funeral potatoes
I grew up in a quirky place, it's of a particularly high altitude, it was once a booming train stop across the great plains, and it has a high demographic of LDS (Latter Day Saints). Yes, I grew ...Continue Reading

Autism Awareness Pop up in O-town

October 16th 2015

IMG_2575 WOW! What a week it has been! After several months of planning...then replanning, finding a space, getting plane tickets, shopping, and finally preparing, our dinner was a success! I'm not going to tell you it was easy, because it wasn't, but ...Continue Reading

Oven "fried" chicken sliders

September 30th 2015

003 Personal morality and business just don't's honestly way too subjective, and limiting your clientele based on dogma is really selling the business owner short. I have patronized businesses that probably don't agree with me politically, socially, or religiously. I try ...Continue Reading

"Chi-town" style Italian beef for slackers.

September 19th 2015

001 Fall is drifting in as Summer exits stage left, and it's a stunning change for sure. If you are hoping for a post about pumpkin spice flavored things, or to see a picture of a set of hands and canvas aproned ...Continue Reading

Hatch sofrito rice with pork and pintos

September 16th 2015

001 I have great memories of spending time with my grandmother Marion. She was always glamorous, impeccably dressed, and a 40's era independant woman. She was never big into cooking, as she grew up in a very traditional, Mormon family where roles ...Continue Reading

Slow roasted chicken with barbeque sauce

September 12th 2015

002 Fridays are usually a night where we take the kids to pizza or grab burgers, but recently I have found going out to be inauthentic, not meaning like in a "procedure" kind of way but in "experience" sort of way. Most ...Continue Reading

Chop Suey!

September 10th 2015

019 So this dish is quite the cultural phenomenon, one of the first dishes of Chinese descent eaten by Americans its roots are in the Canton region of China and translates to basically mean "leftovers". The vegetable merchants would make and eat ...Continue Reading

Ham and Asiago pinwheels

September 2nd 2015

010 Do you need a drinking buddy? Sure we all do...and today I'm inviting ham and a loaf of french bread in tube that I got free with a coupon and some cheese! My first job outside of the family restaurant was ...Continue Reading

Garlic +Saffron roasted Salmon

August 31st 2015

008 My birthday is New Year's eve, and every year we would have my party at the restaurant, as my mom was usually cooking prime rib as the special, somewhere in between cooking prime rib for 100 she would make me whatever ...Continue Reading