chilaquiles stuffed poblano foil dinners with quick pickled shallots

July 9th 2016

2016-07-08-17-14-58 Well it's most definitely Summer time! I just got back from a trip to see family in my hometown. It was full of fireworks! No, literally, I hadn't been back since they legalized the aerial ones, and I got to catch a ...Continue Reading

Mapo Tofu with Crab

June 17th 2016

crabmapo This recipe is inspired by Danny Bowien's (also happens to be one of my favorite instagrammers) recipe for Mapo Tofu, but made my own by simplifying it, adding crab, water chestnuts, and a hit of lemon at the end. Danny's ...Continue Reading

Dinner by Degustabox

June 14th 2016

degust Today I am partnering with Degustabox, they send fun surprise boxes to your door and you get to sample 10 great products for pennies on the dollar. I must say, I enjoyed everything in our box, including the box itself, I ...Continue Reading

Korean style Tofu Stew

June 2nd 2016

kimchitofu Kimchi and tofu are a match made in culinary heaven. Both ingredients have haters for sure but those who appreciate the flavors of both will love this vegan recipe. Once you have everything for this soup on hand, it takes all of ...Continue Reading

Chinese chicken salad revisted

May 26th 2016

2016-05-26-10-56-46_1 Nineties food nostalgia is all the rage right now, and my recipe today is a play on one of my favorite salads that was quintessentially 90's. Originally invented by Wolfgang Puck at Spago as an entree salad for Beverly Hill elites in ...Continue Reading

The Kansas City Steak Company Steak Oscar

May 2nd 2016

2016-05-02-11-37-02_1 Several years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was given the opportunity to work in a steak house in my hometown, I quit after a month but in my short tenure I learned a few amazing things, one of them ...Continue Reading

Greek Hasselback Potato bake

April 13th 2016

Greek Hasselback Potatoes As much as I try to venture into other cuisine, I always go back to Greek food. Growing up in a American Greek restaurant/lounge family has left its mark on every facet of who I am. I honestly never wanted ...Continue Reading

Larb Satay

April 8th 2016

Larb Portland springs are the best, bipolar, but I guess that is why they are so exceptional, if you visit right now you would want to live here. No matter the 6-9 months of rain, when spring has sprung its 80 degrees and ...Continue Reading

Filipino style noodles

April 7th 2016

pancit Pancit translates to "noodles" in Filipino, brought in by the Chinese, noodles served this way are popular in Filipino culture. I tried pancit the first time at my sister's house, we were doing a family potluck and her sister in law, Veronica ...Continue Reading

One-Pot Red Wine Pasta

March 21st 2016

rwp Lemme tell ya a lil story....its 2006, it's the Nicholas food show at the South Towne (why the "e" at the end?) expo center in Salt Lake City, UT. Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty" is the hit of the moment, blaring from ...Continue Reading