Vegan Red Lentil and Barley Soup

April 10th 2013

IMG_4510 Well I am venturing into the unknown for me, VEGAN! I do cook some vegetarian dishes on meatless Mondays, but by most accounts I don't cook vegan. Lately, I've been researching dairy and have cut most of it out of my ...Continue Reading

My Award winning Beef souvlaki recipe, 2008 Utah State fair blue ribbon winner!

April 8th 2013

IMG_4461 My family history includes a lot of souvlaki, one of my first memories is sitting on the prep table at my parents restaurant/lounge in Ogden, UT watching my Mom season huge tubs of cubed pork or turkey. My mom isn't actually ...Continue Reading

Lock, Stock, and Pho Ga.

April 3rd 2013

IMG_4439 Who’s got a freezer full of chicken bones, some veg, a stock pot, and three hours? This gal! Yes that’s right I am making stock today. A basic chicken stock is a skill that imperative for the home cook. If ...Continue Reading

Roasted Turkey BLTomato Jam

March 27th 2013

IMG_4407IMG_4390 Awe the sandwich! What is more American? Everyone loves em' and the sandwich can be suited to any taste. When making a sandwich the most important part is the ingredients, one of ...Continue Reading

Look canned not me, it you! Vegetable beef barley, get outta that can and into my pan!

March 26th 2013

IMG_4350We've all done it....I was basically raised on the stuff, you might still have a can or two in the pantry right now...(horror movie suspense music..dun dun dun!) Canned soup! Those chubby lil' Campbell's soup kids staring at cute, nothing ...Continue Reading

Martha Stewart helped make me the person I am today! And why that is "a good thing".

March 25th 2013

Martha and her perfect, home grown lilacs .
Damn that Martha Stewart! In the 90's Martha Stewart was the prima culinary goddess of the mass media (t.v) with the burgeoning internet playing a role, she became a lifestyle brand superstar. She also did sometime ...Continue Reading

Amber Glass

March 24th 2013

IMG_20130324_132600  IMG_20130324_150423 Amber Glass is one of my favorite things.  It's basically glass that has been tinted using a mixture of sulfur and iron oxide.  The color can range from light yellow to deep ...Continue Reading

Wings?! We don't want no stinking wings! (poulet "Legs" aux Buffalo stylie)

March 23rd 2013

Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs
Okay so I have cooked, cut, sauced, tossed and eaten my fair share of "buffalo wings".  The worst thing about them is washing a sink full of wing plates at 11pm at ...Continue Reading

Oven braised Corned beef and Roasted Cabbage

March 20th 2013

cornedbeef Another Saint Patrick's day has come and gone, the classic dish was boiled and served to the masses.  Now I don't really like food coloring in my beer or an entirely boiled till its gray mass entree.  Maybe i'm no fun, ...Continue Reading

Dandelion Greens....Tis the season.

March 15th 2013

SAMSUNG So I've been wanting to do some gardening this year....yesterday I went to assess my garden spot; there in the composted, weediness, sat green and lush the most appetizing looking dandelion ...Continue Reading