Farmer's Market to Table

May 5th 2013

2 Finally! Our farmer's market is open! Surprisingly there were a few booths I didn't see last season...I found some really nice stuff. Asparagus....fresh, beautiful, local, asparagus! I made a flat bread the other day with some asparagus I had gotten from ...Continue Reading

Porkadelic pulled smoker required.

May 3rd 2013

SAMSUNG So spring here in Portland has been beyond amazing this year, last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a friend’s birthday celebration which included a very delicious smoked, pulled pork. It was awesome to be outside with friends enjoying a ...Continue Reading

Pistachio Crusted Sockeye Salmon and Confetti cous cous

April 27th 2013

IMG_4658 Well today turned out to be, as Bob Ross would put it “A happy accident”. Meaning by that…my original plan was foiled but brought about a better scenario. I could’ve sworn that today was the start of our local farmer’s market, ...Continue Reading

Matcha thanks a Latte`!!

April 24th 2013

IMG_4605 So I've already verbally splooged about how much I love Costco for certain items, well today I will be featuring another one!!! Ito en "Matcha" green tea! They sell it by the large box all individually wrapped and basically could survive ...Continue Reading

Spring Asparagus flatbread with Marcona Almonds

April 23rd 2013

IMG_4586Asparagus season is full bloom! Aside from all the nutritional value, asparagus is beautiful and the perfect way to celebrate the blooming of spring and end of winter (I’m over it). My go to way to serve asparagus is to just ...Continue Reading

Greek Potato Salad

April 22nd 2013

IMG_4577 Let me begin today with why I like Costco, as far as corporations go, they ain’t bad. Costco pays a living wage to employees, provide health insurance, they work with local distributors, you can get certain products for quarters on the ...Continue Reading

Mediterranean meatballs and Greek lemon pilaf

April 19th 2013

IMG_4565 My folks had a restaurant growing up and a large part of my youth was spent prepping food with my family and our employees (friends). I could make Greek lemon rice before I was able to write in cursive. So “pilafi” ...Continue Reading

Having a baby, moving to a new state, and neon hair color, or how I've adapted to seasonal affective disorder

April 18th 2013

me2What an incredible journey the last few years have been! Up down, round and back again, I've learned a lot about myself and what I am really capable of in this time period. Ain't gonna's been tough, I've struggled, I've ...Continue Reading

Super easy Asian slaw with homemade Tahini Dressing (Vegan and Gluten Free)

April 16th 2013

IMG_4546 With summer just around the corner, I want to post some recipes that won't interfere with our quest to look in swimming suits...of course they have to be delicious too! So here is my latest obsession. If there is one thing ...Continue Reading

15 minute Pad Thai

April 12th 2013

Faster then picking up take out. Faster then picking up take out.
Have you ever ordered Pad Thai and ended up with a clumpy, soggy, orange mess? I have. This isn't always the case but I have tried many a bad pad ...Continue Reading