Elote (Mexican corn on the cob) or finding new and interesting things to do with a George Foreman Grill.

July 13th 2013

elote2 I have a confession….I have a new obsession.  It is Elote!  Elote is a street food from Mexico, basically grilled corn on the cob smothered in mayo (yuckers) or crema which is Mexican table cream (yummers), add some cojita cheese (I ...Continue Reading

Grilled tuna steak with mango salsa

July 13th 2013

tuna Summer is here! With the season in full swing what is better then a grilled fish recipe? A grilled fish recipe with mango salsa of course! This is one of my favorite recipes of all time and I have been making ...Continue Reading

5 ingredient Tri-colored roasted potatoes

July 9th 2013

IMG_5212 Sometimes when I’m shopping at farmer’s markets or even the regular grocery store, my menu will change based upon what looks good to me at the time. I was at my local store and saw that they carried a special variety ...Continue Reading

Roasted Portabello Gyros

July 9th 2013

IMG_5176 Growing up in a Greek restaurant I've met my fair share of gyros. Today's version is one I have never done nor have I seen available anywhere. I love roasting or grilling portabello mushrooms, I use them all time to replace ...Continue Reading

Sexy Tex-Mexi Tacos

July 6th 2013

taco While I was visiting my fam in the Utah, my nephew’s girlfriend Felisha treated us to some lovely tacos. She made them with ground beef, made her own pico, served them with some onions and cilantro, and gave the corn tortillas ...Continue Reading

Rigatoni with Roasted garlic tomato sauce topped with summer veg

July 4th 2013

pasta Growing up we ate spaghetti with ground beef, tomato paste, and dried spices at least once a week. I loved my mom’s simple version of a Bolognese with green can, grated parmesan, honestly, I still do! I make my own variation ...Continue Reading

Green Minestrone for Mr. Gandolfini

June 30th 2013

2013-06-30 While on vacation in my hometown I heard the bad news about James Ganolfini, he died of heart attack while on holiday in Italy. It made me ponder how quick life can stop, end, kaput, fin you’re done. Having my Dad ...Continue Reading

Easy grilled pork chops for a crowd

June 29th 2013

pork Do you remember that ad campaign for pork in the 90's it was something like "PORK, the other white meat" take that chicken! When you think outdoor grillin, pork chops probably don't come to mind, but why not? Depending on the ...Continue Reading

Fava time and the living is easy....

June 15th 2013

IMG_5066 Spring is ending and with summer just around the corner, fava beans are again at their peak. I spotted them today at the farmer's market and knew right away at $2.50 a lb now was the time to buy. They are ...Continue Reading

Cauliflower "Steak" Oscar

June 12th 2013

IMG_5013 Lately I've been obsessed with Farm to table chef Dan Barber's Cauliflower steak recipe, Food 52 is the site I found it on, so basically I adapted his recipe but put the "Oscar style" spin on it. I was thinking to ...Continue Reading