Scallion ginger noodles

August 24th 2013

topging So this recipe is slightly more indulgent then my recent recipes (but lighter still then the original), just finished week four of plant based eating and I must admit at times it has been a bit hard, but one thing about ...Continue Reading

Mushroom “Bacon” B.L.T.

August 21st 2013

mushroombacon There is a reason bacon is called “The gateway meat”, it’s that damn good. So of course I would have to find a plant based replacement for this……well I think I have found one, and it stars our umami pals….MUSHROOMS! I ...Continue Reading

Eggplant “meatballs” with quick oil free marinara

August 19th 2013

balls4 Italian cuisine is one of my favorite to cook and eat, but when switching to plant-based eating I figured my days of Italian grandmother cookery were over. My family loves my traditional meatballs, and I know they have been missing some ...Continue Reading

Open faced cauliflower “steak” sandwich, with raw hazelnut Romesco, arugula, olives, capers, and red pepper

August 17th 2013

sandwich Plant based eating has been anything but boring for me, it’s actually a fun new way to look at food composition. I blogged my cauliflower “steak” Oscar already and used that way of cooking cauliflower to be the highlight of this ...Continue Reading

No cream, Cream of mushroom soup

August 16th 2013

shroom I love cream soups, I really do, but I don’t love the high fat content, and calories associated with this comfort classic. I love mushrooms as well, and found them to be quite underutilized as a main dish in Western ...Continue Reading

Hippie love buffets (no bake granola bars)

August 15th 2013

IMG_5733 I don’t know about you, but I often wonder what would be served at a hippie love buffet. A love buffet being a gathering of likeminded lovers of the same stuff. In college I used to call our group of friends ...Continue Reading

Banana brulee pancakes

August 12th 2013

bruleecake My kids love pancakes, my daughter especially, I do want to feed my kids the stuff they like….but on the nutrition chart, your run of the mill pancake recipes are basically void of anything but fat, carbs, and more carbs. So ...Continue Reading

Red chard stew with chickpeas, kidney beans, and Israeli cous cous

August 11th 2013

chardOnto week three eating plant based, and aside from a couple slip ups (goat cheese and pesto were the culprits), it has been quite easy to follow, I am down a solid 8 pounds, which is nice, my complexion is more ...Continue Reading

Vegan chocolate chip muffins with flax, oats, and dried cherries.

August 7th 2013

muffins1 So the ice cream van keeps playing their annoying song on our street, every day, every hour. My 6 year old goes nuts every time she hears it and insists on getting a treat, I keep telling her no, so today ...Continue Reading

Vegan Pho that is actually as good as the beefy original

August 6th 2013

veganpho2 I think if I was on death row and had to pick my last meal, it would be Pho. Traditionally a long simmered, complicated, meat a thon, it is AWESOME(Imagine that last sentence spoken in Oprah’s voice for full impact)! I ...Continue Reading