Stuff I Love...Stumptown Hairbender

November 27th 2013

Hair Bender Blend Whole Coffee Beans from Stumptown, 2 Bags - $28.00

from: Food52 Anyone that knows me, knows that I MUST have coffee as my breakfast du jour. I've always loved a good brew, but today I wanted to share with you my go to brew, ...Continue Reading

Truffled twice baked heirloom potatoes

November 27th 2013

WP_20131127_009 This recipe actually came together by accident, as I had roasted off way to many baby heirloom potatoes one evening. In the morning I realized I had a ton left over and I remembered a trick I learned working as a ...Continue Reading

The turkey I grew up eating, or how to make the grocery store bird look and taste like a million bucks!

November 26th 2013

turkeydeux I learned early in life that my mother Diana had a way with roasting, I mean I can’t remember one Thanksgiving where her delectable, moist, turkey and pan gravy didn’t steal the show, seriously it’s like watching community theatre and having ...Continue Reading

Shumai Dumplings

November 19th 2013

shumai2 So I love, love, love dim sum! Often times I catch myself trying to calm my craving by buying pre-made frozen pot stickers, although in a pinch they are fine, they don’t even touch the real deal. I found some thin ...Continue Reading

Vegan Shepard’s pie with roasted root veggies, French lentils, and topped with truffle infused whipped yam

November 15th 2013

lentilshep Every time I go to visit my family in Utah I gain 5 lbs.… never fails, this last time I was only there 5 days!  I wish I could go about blaming altitude or something else, but it was probably my ...Continue Reading

Butternut squash veloute with brown butter croutons and sage

November 5th 2013

veloute A week ago I had the utter privilege of eating at one of PDX’s most famous restaurants “Beast” headed up by renowned chef Naomi Pomeroy and nestled in the heart of Concordia in the northeast, this 24 seat high end eatery ...Continue Reading

Oven baked “Jo Jo” potatoes, or my love letter to gas station grub.

November 3rd 2013

WP_20131103_008 I gotta say I ate some gas station food in my day… thing in particular was the fav.  Tater logs, basically a chicken fried potato, sometimes called “Jo jo’s”.  I remember my mom piling us into whatever 70’s station wagon we ...Continue Reading

Ghostly roasted beets with whipped feta and pepitas

October 29th 2013

ghostbeet2 Halloween is only three days away and I wanted to make sure I got another "spooky" food idea up before the season is over. I love beets, I have many a post dedicated to them and here is one for Halloween. ...Continue Reading

Romanesco cauliflower with lemon and herb dressing

October 27th 2013

IMG_6219 (2)   Went to a great store in Vancouver today, it called “Chuck’s” and it is on a whole different level of awesome then what I am used to. Not only is the help friendly and attentive, but they are locally ...Continue Reading

Focaccia I gotcha!

October 23rd 2013

focaccia Well after last week’s focaccia fail I was determined to get it right this time. Throwing out all those ingredients is wasteful and totally annoying, not to mention the labor involved. But there is no use crying over ruined bread right? ...Continue Reading