Surf 'n Turf Gyros

August 25th 2018

"I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you." -Tony Bourdain. Summer is dwindling to an end, a bittersweet few months of losses, gaining perspective, and awkward exchanges. Between the periods of existential dread (there were several), it ...Continue Reading

Pickled Onions & the Liberation of a Change in Perspective

April 11th 2018

OMFG! I have writer’s block like a mofo right now! Yikes….but honestly I think it is partially due to the fact that I don’t need the same level of outside vailiation from the internet I used to. Which I would say in ...Continue Reading

Pork and black bean tostada and February degustabox

March 2nd 2018

Well it’s been a rough go getting all my blog content switched over to AWS, but I think we are at a place now where I can get back to more frequent posting. I have officially binge-watched the entire ...Continue Reading


January 2nd 2018

Well in reflection of the last year I have a lot to think about and little to say. I’m not exactly sure I should be preaching any gospel at this point. I find all the online, self-righteousness and broadcasting quite corny, and ...Continue Reading

Chicken strip salad and my quarter life crisis

November 21st 2017

23845826_10214158522577565_1237125344009230276_o I am going to try and make this into a succinct essay, (probably won’t happen, but let’s give it a go) and talking about what having a quarter life crisis has to do with chicken strips. I will start by saying that ...Continue Reading

White Miso glazed Halibut

November 7th 2017

misohalibut Is direct communication such a alien concept? I can't help you if I don't know what you need, and I can only read minds occasionally.There is most definitely enough bullshit to deal with in life without over complicating things…..instead of putting up ...Continue Reading

Dee's inspired teriyaki chicken burger

September 27th 2017

dees One of my first memories is looking up at everyone’s legs from under a table in a restaurant trying with the best of my toddler -self skills to get out of the rather restrictive dress and shiny black shoe ensemble I was ...Continue Reading

Nong's Noodz

August 21st 2017

noodz2 Wasn't the eclipse amazing!? The media had made it out to be this epic traffic disaster, which it ended up being not so bad, not any worse than our usual PDX traffic! Work was crazy this weekend, however, I think the solar ...Continue Reading

The only banana bread recipe you should be using.

July 21st 2017

img_20170720_193427354 I get so caught up in nostalgia, I have a special loyalty to somehow represent a period of time that is long over. I don’t ever really “get over” things, I carry these memories like an emotional weight vest. Some are good, ...Continue Reading

Nutella cookie cups

July 13th 2017

cookiecup2 Following your passions is essential to living life, but in order to do so you really have to throw insecurity out the window. Every time I do something that is overwhelmingly frightening, even if the end result isn’t what I hoped for, ...Continue Reading