Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that are anything but boring!

I bought a 20 pound turkey, and cooked it recently just to explore ways to utilize holiday leftovers without getting bored. I remember as a kid getting so burnt out on the microwave heated plates of Thanksgiving spread we would eat for the week after. The stuffing was half cold and mushy, the gravy congealed, the green bean casserole a hot mess, the clumpy taters had seen better days and all of it topped off with a helping of chalky leftover turkey meat. My mother never let us waste an ounce of the meal she would prepare, and I love her for it, but I do recall wishing for another way to eat the turkey…of course there is Turkey soup which I discuss at the bottom of that post about the turkey my mother always made, which is the recipe I used, but I wanted to explore other ways. Continue reading “Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that are anything but boring!”

Korean style Tofu Stew

Kimchi and tofu are a match made in culinary heaven. Both ingredients have haters for sure but those who appreciate the flavors of both will love this vegan recipe. Once you have everything for this soup on hand, it takes all of about 10 minutes to make. I found Wilbrine’s vegan kimchi and I originally didn’t even know it didn’t contain dried shrimp or fish sauce as most varieties do, it is fresh, delicious, and crazy good for you! I find these innovative new vegan products to really be outstanding and as an omnivore, a reason to eat plant based more often, which benefits everyone. Continue reading “Korean style Tofu Stew”

Lighter Corn chowder

Lighten up!

With the weather in full blown rain mode, it is officially soup WEATHER! (cue the trumpets). It took me a while to get used to several months of rain, but now that I have discovered vitamin D capsules, and got an incredibly, unfashionable rain coat, I relish it! Soup is one of my favorite ways to receive nutrition, and I can’t think of a more comforting food when it’s blustery and wet. Continue reading “Lighter Corn chowder”

Resolution Soup


Well yep, I think that the bloggers block is gone!  My recipe by no means is anything too spectacular, more practical, predictable, maybe even a lil’ boring, which I think is what most of humanity goes for in reality anyhow.  Folks go for what is “normal”, in what “looks right”, not necessarily what really pumps their nads….or ovaries…..or feathers their nest.  We go with convenience and ease over passion and adventure and then we take our socially accepted date du jour to a movie about people doing abnormal, passionate, adventurous things….isn’t that an oxymoron? Continue reading “Resolution Soup”

Tortellini and Turkey meatball soup

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[pinny url=”https://lollipopsicle.net/2014/06/03/tortellini-turkey-meatball-soup/” media=”https://lollipopsicle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/336-2.jpg” description=”Tortellini and Turkey Meatball soup -lollipopsicle”]
I talked about making soup with the pan juice from my Mom’s Greek Roasted chicken recipe and today I actually did! I saved the pan drippings and placed them in the fridge, then I scooped the layer of fat that separates off the top and used the jellied consomme as my stock! It makes thee best soup stock ever, and I paired it up with some dried tortellini and some meatballs I made out of ground turkey breast…I know its possibly not soup season, but I love soup lately I can eat it in one form or another for every meal! This version is delicious, and you can use whatever stock you have, even beef or veggie, this is just an example of a recipe being a “Two for one” make the Greek chicken get the soup stock for free! What a bargain! Continue reading “Tortellini and Turkey meatball soup”

45 minute chicken pozole

IMG_0359[pinny url=”https://lollipopsicle.net/2014/05/10/45-minute-chicken-pozole/” media=”https://lollipopsicle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/IMG_0359.jpg” description=”Chicken Pozole -lollipopsicle.net”]
When change comes in life it doesn’t wait for you to catch up. Looks like we have indeed found our future home here in Portland, in fear of jinxing it that is all I will say at this point, but as soon as I can I will spill the deets (it has a gas range, been cooking on electric so this is exciting news for me). I also am trying to clean up my diet which means I’ve had to curtail my beer consumption, which was basically for me what gruel was for Dicken’s “Scrooge”. In keeping track of calories (a thing I have never done with much success until now)I was stupefied and amazed that pints run about 280 calories for some of my favorite beers….so my beloved hoppy nectar is no longer a daily event. I’ve also switched up the dinner choices and tried to cook some recipes that are conducive to health. Pho is a fav of mine for sure, and today’s recipe is what I would say is similar to the same idea but a Mexican soup called pozole. Pozole contains hominy, a type of dried corn, it is usually made with pork, but I did a chicken version with some local, free-range chicken thighs. The broth has a bit of heat and then you can add toppings to your liking. Its delicious and healthy, while still filling enough to forget its low in fat and calories. I could eat soup for every meal I think and this one is a crowd pleaser, unless your crowd is folks with ulcers or severe aversion to chiles…..this one packs a bit of heat. Continue reading “45 minute chicken pozole”

30 Minute Lasagna Soup

[pinny url=”https://lollipopsicle.net/2014/04/15/30-minute-lasagna-soup/‎” media=”https://lollipopsicle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/IMG_0228.jpg” description=”30 Minute Lasagna soup -lollipopsicle”]
What a week! I haven’t been in the kitchen much, as my sister Kristina was in town and I made her go eat all the places I love and some that I haven’t tried. We went to Aberdeen, WA to visit the Kurt Cobain memorial and I watched “Hellraiser” for the first time on the big screen at Cthulucon and it was followed by a Q&A with the one and only “Pinhead”. It was awesome, I am always impressed with the diversity and participation in Portland’s niche scenes. Well back to “real-life” and weeknight meal preparation, I decided that I wanted to do a version of Lasagna soup, I love Lasagna but it is time consuming and not the healthiest of dishes. This soup has all the flavor of the classic but a bit more health and time conscious.
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Greek-style Chickpea soup

[pinny url=”https://lollipopsicle.net/2014/04/01/greek-style-chickpea-soup/” media=”https://lollipopsicle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/chickpea.jpg” description=”Greek-Style Chickpea Soup -lollipopsicle.net”]
This simple recipe is a great way to enjoy chickpeas. Very popular in Greece, the ingredients and preparation are simple. The trick to flavor is the use of olive oil and slow cooking to produce a rich, and full flavored soup. This is what I like to call “refined peasant food” it’s cheap, accessible, healthy, and feeds a small army.
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