Chinese chicken salad revisted

Nineties food nostalgia is all the rage right now, and my recipe today is a play on one of my favorite salads that was quintessentially 90’s. Originally invented by Wolfgang Puck at Spago as an entree salad for Beverly Hill elites in the mid 80’s, it quickly spread like wild fire to every corner of our country. To this day most every chain restaurant and hotel room service menu has a version, and every home cook has their own version of this crowd pleasing mash up of Chinese flavors. I have had many versions, and I really haven’t met one I didn’t like (I am embarrassed to say I ate the Wendy’s version weekly as a teenager). Continue reading “Chinese chicken salad revisted”

Greek Hasselback Potato bake

Greek Hasselback Potatoes
As much as I try to venture into other cuisine, I always go back to Greek food. Growing up in a American Greek restaurant/lounge family has left its mark on every facet of who I am. I honestly never wanted to be a cook, seeing the ever so NOT glamorous side of it, I always wanted to be something else, something people notice, respect, someone special. In other words, for a long time I tried to be something I wasn’t. Pleasing others is such a hollow endeavor, most the time they only notice when you don’t do something they want, and what you realize is the folks who are worth it, like you even when there isn’t something in it for them, or when you are wearing your ugly night gown eating cheetos on the couch, watching netflix, relationships shouldn’t be a constant task of following rules or keeping your opinions to yourself to inflate someone’s delusion….if you have those types of relationships, romantic or platonic….run….like the wind! When I gave into my purpose, I finally started to find who the hell I am. Continue reading “Greek Hasselback Potato bake”

One-Pot Red Wine Pasta

Lemme tell ya a lil story….its 2006, it’s the Nicholas food show at the South Towne (why the “e” at the end?) expo center in Salt Lake City, UT. Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” is the hit of the moment, blaring from the 90’s Ford Taurus I caught a ride in with my fellow culinary students (we were totally the “Bad News Bears” of the event for sure) dressed to the nines in our Happy Chef gear, Continue reading “One-Pot Red Wine Pasta”

Funeral potatoes…modernized.

Updated Funeral potatoes

I grew up in a quirky place, it’s of a particularly high altitude, it was once a booming train stop across the great plains, and it has a high demographic of LDS (Latter Day Saints). Yes, I grew up in Ogden, UT. If you know or have any LDS kinfolk, you will recognize the subject of this post quite well. “Funeral potatoes” are often served potluck style…at well, funerals, usually afterwards in the Stake center with the ward members of the loved one’s life that is being honored. Served with ham, salad, and those sweet, yeasty, homemade dinner roles, and if you’re lucky.. Jell0! This meal is one of my childhood, nostalgia favorites. Not all funeral potatoes are created equal, and it is always interesting to taste the variations, today I will give you mine, and feel free to eat these whenever you feel inclined, Easter, Wednesday, Christmas. I took out all the “cream of ….” soups and made a Mornay (Cheese Bechamel) ┬ásauce, par boiled, peeled, and shredded Yukon gold potatoes, and added a few more tricks. So next time you need to bring a side dish or want a delicious casserole, test out this version and let me know what you think. Continue reading “Funeral potatoes…modernized.”

Marie’s Green Beans Almondine


Over the weekend I got some sad news. My husbands’ step grandmother Marie had passed away, she lived a long and beautiful life. I met her fifteen years or so ago, she was always kind, made me feel included, and not judgemental. Marie was well into her eighties at our wedding clad in leopard print. Marie had style, an old school glamour that I think, only a lucky few are born with. When I inquired what her secret for staying youthful was she smiled slyly and told me “vodka and vitamins!”, she was a cool lady that made me think that maybe getting older meant getting better. She made living into her nineties look chic, and did her own thing. I admire her. Continue reading “Marie’s Green Beans Almondine”