Grilled Pork Tenderloin with black plum sauce and fresh peach relish

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the look out to escape what is happening in our crazy world lately, whether it is the RNC shenanigans, gunman in Munich, or the lead situation in Portland public schools, there never seems to be a lack of things to be down about. I know its a waste of time to worry, but the manic depression seems to creep up on me and paralyze my well being. Being active helps, and forcing myself to get out and see the good things there are helps. The farmer’s market is that escape for me, and so is recipe development, it keeps me about half way sane which is about the best I can get. Stone fruit has inspired today’s recipe, and Summer is in full force, so grilling and cooking with seasonal specialties is one of the best ways to utilize the bounty of the season. Stone fruit such as, cherries, apricots, peaches, plum, and nectarines are making their way into the farmer’s markets in top form. Everyone loves peach cobbler of course, but what about savory applications? I have always loved stone fruit with pork, and they really accent each other nicely and provide a sweetness, and freshness to meat. Continue reading “Grilled Pork Tenderloin with black plum sauce and fresh peach relish”

More Thai inspired noodles…Be like Lillard, and I think i’m ready to move to Uruguay.

Yep, last week sucked royally…haha! With trying times often comes a period of growth, I guess like “April showers brings May flowers” well add about four more months to the “showers” part if you live where I live. Cancer, racism, sexism, judgmental bias. Continue reading “More Thai inspired noodles…Be like Lillard, and I think i’m ready to move to Uruguay.”

Funeral potatoes…modernized.

Updated Funeral potatoes

I grew up in a quirky place, it’s of a particularly high altitude, it was once a booming train stop across the great plains, and it has a high demographic of LDS (Latter Day Saints). Yes, I grew up in Ogden, UT. If you know or have any LDS kinfolk, you will recognize the subject of this post quite well. “Funeral potatoes” are often served potluck style…at well, funerals, usually afterwards in the Stake center with the ward members of the loved one’s life that is being honored. Served with ham, salad, and those sweet, yeasty, homemade dinner roles, and if you’re lucky.. Jell0! This meal is one of my childhood, nostalgia favorites. Not all funeral potatoes are created equal, and it is always interesting to taste the variations, today I will give you mine, and feel free to eat these whenever you feel inclined, Easter, Wednesday, Christmas. I took out all the “cream of ….” soups and made a Mornay (Cheese Bechamel) ┬ásauce, par boiled, peeled, and shredded Yukon gold potatoes, and added a few more tricks. So next time you need to bring a side dish or want a delicious casserole, test out this version and let me know what you think. Continue reading “Funeral potatoes…modernized.”

Mapo Tofu

New adventures are a part of life, and so many people stay at jobs they don’t like, doing things they don’t believe in (I’m guilty of this) in order to have “security”, don’t do it, take the chance…you got one shot here on this Earth do as much as you can to find your bliss.Today’s recipe is my adaptation of my favorite Chinese dish. Lucky Peach did a great post about it Continue reading “Mapo Tofu”