Bircher muesli

February 20th 2017

The month of love is almost done, therefore it is time to review this month’s Degustabox.
I am going to start with the recipe for my picture above. Bircher muesli is a delicious blend of yogurt and fresh fruit mixed with crispy stuff, usually coconut and oats. Invented by the Swiss I have never had a bircher muesli I didn’t like. Luckily, this month’s box included some Grace Foods coconut chips which I really liked on their own, crispy like a potato chip and just as addictive they were a great, low sugar way to add texture to my dish. I used Walker’s shortbread cookie crumbs in place of oats….these cookies are so good after the entire container was devoured by my family I had to find a use for the crumbs left in the package!
Bircher Muesli
1 cup yogurt, I used a full fat European style plain variety, but choose your own adventure here.
A handful of your favorite fresh berries or fruit of choice
A few tablespoons of Coco chips
1 Tablespoon of Walker’s shortbread cookie crumbs
A drizzle of honey
Seriously this is sooo simple and presents beautifully for guests at a brunch. Give it a go!
So I made Cincinnati style chili (recipe post to come) and topped it with a bit of the Nando’s peri-peri sauce I received, and I really enjoyed the diversity in flavor it provided in comparison to the usual sriracha or tabasco. Nando’s has really delicious citrus notes that highlighted the fruity elements of the Bird’s eye chilies in the sauce, I would use this anywhere you would use hot sauce and I would recommended it to any of the “Chili heads” out there.
I’ve always liked Jones soda, and this month we received a bottle of the “Orange and cream” variety. I tried a sip before I made the kids small Jones’ soda floats with vanilla ice cream. If I am going to give my kids soda I would pick Jones over many others because the flavors and delicious and they are made with pure cane sugar.
I have tried Popchips a few times, and I have never been a huge fan. I was really surprised by how much I loved the ones with ridges that were in our box. If I could tell the popchips folks directly, all of their products should have ridges! They make them so much tastier, and the texture is crunchy and light.
The Ricola immunity drops were great, they are packed with ginseng and they really came in handy while I had a cold.
I am yet to try the slendier noodles, but I am excited to use them in a recipe for traditional noodles. I can say my kids ate the PR bar I received before I got to taste it, but with they enjoyed it with gusto, so I am guess it is quite tasty and it is gluten-free and full protein. Last but certainly not least is the Green & Blacks dark chocolate with sea salt, the salt is the flaky variety and lends an addictive crunch to the rich, dark chocolate. Happy Cooking!
(I was given these products as a sample to review, the opinions are mine.)