January smanuary

January 25th 2017

I have had some writer's block lately, I have been cooking up a storm but have been trying out other people's recipes, I am obsessed with this recipe for Sicilian style Grandma pie I have made it twice now, and it gets you great results for making pizza at home. Slowly, I am coming out of my fog. Wow! What a month...not all bad...mostly...but not all. Portland got record breaking snowfall! So much so,that the whole city shut down for 9 days or so....and some other stuff that is all over google news happened. I would review it, but google does a superior job of it. One thing that I did enjoy and came in handy was this months Degustabox, in fact I liked it so I couldn't pick a favorite, I had several, the Cello whips were one of them for sure, I opened the bag and had few, and then hid it to save for our dinner later that night, I made this ribollita recipe and wanted to top them with the crispy, pure Parmesan snacks, when I went to grab them, I found an empty bags and a trail of crumbs leading to my kindergartner's room, so stamp of approval on that with kids as well. The "Prince of Peace" ginger honey crystals were an unexpected favorite (I would've added a website but I didn't find one for the company, just where to buy it). I work with a lot of ginger at work, and find the medicinal qualities of it fascinating. These crystal make a hot beverage that I found quite addictive, they had the perfect amount of sweetness, and were perfect for making a twist on the classic hot toddy. The kids loved the Jolly time popcorn,both the Go Organically and Welch's fruit n' yogurt varieties of fruits snacks, but I was quite surprised by how much we all liked the HungryJack pumpkin pancake mix all you add is water and mix them up. We topped ours many ways, but the favorite was jam, bananas, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar! Sometimes a bit of convenience is a good thing especially when you are snowed in!