V. Tacos and the Special sauce


Let’s just skip over the election shall we? Yeah had enough of that on Ye olde’ Facebook feed. But just to not be without a bit of snark….today I made tacos! VEGAN TACOS! I gotta try and preach some plant based love, I feel like anyway I can take the edge off the heat of the world I should. I’m an omnivore, I am not trying to say different, but there is really no reason I shouldn’t be focusing on plant based recipes….really good ones, I think that its the way the world has to go to sustain life. I have kids, and “footprint” guilt, I want them to be better than me…so I need to do what I can by making plant based eating a normal option for dinner at least 50% of the time. Continue reading “V. Tacos and the Special sauce”

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that are anything but boring!

I bought a 20 pound turkey, and cooked it recently just to explore ways to utilize holiday leftovers without getting bored. I remember as a kid getting so burnt out on the microwave heated plates of Thanksgiving spread we would eat for the week after. The stuffing was half cold and mushy, the gravy congealed, the green bean casserole a hot mess, the clumpy taters had seen better days and all of it topped off with a helping of chalky leftover turkey meat. My mother never let us waste an ounce of the meal she would prepare, and I love her for it, but I do recall wishing for another way to eat the turkey…of course there is Turkey soup which I discuss at the bottom of that post about the turkey my mother always made, which is the recipe I used, but I wanted to explore other ways. Continue reading “Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that are anything but boring!”

Roasted cauliflower soup with bacon and white cheddar

Wow, October is officially donzo! I can’t say I am sad about that, I love Halloween but the lead up, execution, and clean up tend to be exhaustive. I think I figured out the rub with the holidays….especially the three month gauntlet we Americanos love to prioritize….its the expectations. Whether it be from the kids, extended family, or friends, it is inevitable that failure will occur within one of those facets. With age comes social intelligence (well it should at least, I know a few special exceptions..ugh), and with social intelligence comes self preservation. “Pick your battles” is finally a concept I utilize now, and realizing that I feel that my priorities are more substantial, people that cause you drama are doing it for themselves….don’t fall victim to it! All we have is our time, use it to do things you love, we inevitably end up in the same humble position so choose your poison wisely and drink it in small doses. Continue reading “Roasted cauliflower soup with bacon and white cheddar”