Sexy Penne for baby making

September 1st 2016

So I fell victim to the interwebs this week. I clicked on this article about pasta that supposedly serves as an aphrodisiac and how that particular author thought it was full of shit. Always one to be interested in the power of food, and a lover of all things "old wives tales" I decided I must make it! I basically followed the recipe from the original post that went viral. I did change a few things as the recipe contradicted the authors comments of use of heavy cream, the recipe said half and half, that honestly was my biggest critic of the article. I used heavy cream, added pancetta (browned it off and drained it, cooked the alliums in the rendered fat), because nothing screams sexy like Italian bacon,subbed the dry basil for fresh, added burrata because it is one of the sexiest cheeses I have met, and added pecorino to the parm just to really throw it over the cliff (sorry purists). Will this love potion of single women in Manhattan have any effect? Will my additions make a difference? I recently went to the Festa Italiana here in Portland, and it was a great, pride filled event, they went first class and had it at Pioneer Square in the center of downtown, the vendors were top notch but quaint enough to not alienate anyone from feeling welcome. They had live music, puppet shows, grape stomping, Ferrari's, ducati's, and lambogini's to gawk at, Peroni, wine, and every Little Italy menu item you could imagine. I felt a bit jealous I wasn't Italian actually, I love being Greek don't get me wrong and the Greeks know how to throw down,but Italians know how to party. I just figure if anyone would know how to make a love potion out of food it is probably Italians so I had to try this recipe, not concerned so much with sex as I was just having another great dish in my arsenal. I was feeding this to the whole family so I figured at least maybe everyone would sit down and eat without complaining. So what was the verdict? The 5 year old said it was "perfect!" the picky 9 year old said it was "really good" and the husband said it "tasted like love" and ate seconds. As far as getting lucky with this dish, I would say it can't hurt! Totally impressive if you are having a dinner party,but I wouldn't worry that it would cause any erotic eruptions on site, I would suggest serving this to a date, and it might be a good one for anyone to make to impress those they desire, as long as their dietary limits allow dairy and wheat.