Dinner by Degustabox

Today I am partnering with Degustabox, they send fun surprise boxes to your door and you get to sample 10 great products for pennies on the dollar. I must say, I enjoyed everything in our box, including the box itself, I felt like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” after she went on that shopping spree and got to open all her purchases, seriously it’s a pretty fun box to open. Continue reading “Dinner by Degustabox”

Korean style Tofu Stew

Kimchi and tofu are a match made in culinary heaven. Both ingredients have haters for sure but those who appreciate the flavors of both will love this vegan recipe. Once you have everything for this soup on hand, it takes all of about 10 minutes to make. I found Wilbrine’s vegan kimchi and I originally didn’t even know it didn’t contain dried shrimp or fish sauce as most varieties do, it is fresh, delicious, and crazy good for you! I find these innovative new vegan products to really be outstanding and as an omnivore, a reason to eat plant based more often, which benefits everyone. Continue reading “Korean style Tofu Stew”