The Kansas City Steak Company Steak Oscar

May 2nd 2016

Several years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was given the opportunity to work in a steak house in my hometown, I quit after a month but in my short tenure I learned a few amazing things, one of them was how to make dreamy, creamy, Bearnaise sauce. We used the sauce for a benedict dish we served for our Brunch service but I had a better idea. One of the last Sundays I spent there, I ran a "Steak Oscar" special, the other cooks said I was nuts and that no one would order it and they refused to make them, I told them I would do every order myself, we sold out that night! Oscar is a classic and my favorite order when I get to have the steak house experience, but it can be spendy, in comes The Kansas City Steak Company! Last week I received my package from them, and I must say they have it dialed! I can only imagine this is the way organs are transferred for transplant surgery, the steaks are packed with that much care. I had no idea I could receive such beautiful product at my door! Packed in dry ice, and placed lovingly in close-to indestructible foam outer shell my Filet Mignon's arrived perfect. Also KCSC, sends you everything you need to prepare your wet aged beauties, even if you have never cooked a steak at home, and make restaurant quality steak for the whole family. There is a "steak book" which gives you the ins and outs of preparation and recipe ideas, I cooked mine in my oven's broiler as per instructions and achieved a perfect mid-rare, and I used their delicious steak seasoning, you get that too! The crazy can get these mailed to you, cheaper than one entree at the steak house. The meat quality itself is above and beyond what is available in your local grocery store, especially if you live in more rural areas. They are also packed so that you can store them in the freezer and use as needed, without having to compromise taste. I was really impressed, I do want to say I was given these steaks to sample, but as with anything you read here, my opinions are my own, and I would seriously consider sending these to out of state family as gifts. The product range and quality is incredible, I live in Portland, and I can't just go find some of these specialty cuts, and there is something for every budget. Worried that steak isn't healthy? Read this informative article about the health benefits of steak!
You will need:
4 Super trimmed Filet Mignon
8 stalks of Asparagus
6 oz cooked crab meat
2 egg yolks
1 stick salted butter
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 small shallot minced
1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
1 Tablespoon of fresh tarragon leaves
1 stick salted butter
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
a few dashes cayenne pepper sauce
a sprinkle of paprika for garnish
a few sprigs flat leaf parsley for garnish
Blanch, your trimmed, asparagus in salted water, put them in a bowl of ice water to retain bright green hue(restaurant trickery). Set aside.
Cook the steaks as per "Steak book". Let them rest, seriously you got to....I know you're excited I am too, but this is a time for rewarded restraint!
While your meat cooks, use a timer if broiling indoor, I have one on my stove, keeps it simple. Begin sauce by getting 3 inches or so of water in a small sauce pan, and bring to a simmer. Place vinegar, shallots,pepper and half of the tarragon in a small saute pan, simmer until liquid is reduced by half. Place yolks and 1 T. water in a bowl, and place over the simmering sauce pan, this is a double boiler, so your eggs don't scramble. Whip until yolks are double in size, reduce heat to low then add shallot mixture, whip in a butter a Tablespoon at time, when all the butter is in, add remaining tarragon, cayenne, and lemon juice and whip together.
Warm up crab and asparagus in a saute pan with a bit of cooking spray you are just warming them up.
Place steak on plate, top with 1/4 of the crab, two asparagus spears, and ladle of sauce, garnish with paprika and parsley.
Eat! Great with dry red wine.
If it's a classic it never goes out of style.