Crock pot carne guisada (Mexican chuck Roast) tacos

January 7th 2016

crockTaco Time is anytime.
Blergh! I think I watched too many documentaries in the last week, not since my "Issues in Globalization" course in college have I felt so powerless, but kind of empowered at the same time. Some folks say that ignorance is bliss, and for some situations I suppose it is...but for things that will affect you and your offspring at some point, I guess you should be aware of it. One of my less heavy choices was Franck Riebiere's Steak Revolution, it was a great documentary about how the best steak is from an old cow that was grass fed and lived a long life (13 years or more), and how a chef in Spain is setting the gold standard for sustainable steak consumption. I know a lot of folks have ethical reasons for not partaking in meat, I respect that, but I also see the art in the preparation of meat and want to consume it in a sustainable way. It also really inspired me to avoid grain fed beef, and the benefits to the texture and flavor of the grass fed varieties. The documentary also really made me want to go to Japan to visit and eat authentic Kobe before I die, oh and add Spain to the list as well. So what do crock pots and chuck roast have to do with that? Well I read about all the rage in current yo-yo dieting the....wait for it.....drum roll please (snare drum plays suspense-fully) "The Taco Cleanse" lol, which is a unique way to market a plant based diet, and I found some amazing grass fed chuck at Green Zebra plus tacos are a great food and braising it's not meant for cleansing purposes, but it is healthful.
You will need:
1.5 to 2# chuck roast mine was 1.75#
sea salt and coarse black pepper
1 to 2 T. chipotle in adobo. Depends on the heat level you desire.
1 carrot, cut in half
1 rib celery, cut in half
0.5 onion, rough chopped
3 Cloves garlic
0.5 C. dry wine
0.5 C. beef stock
2 springs oregano or a tsp. of dried.
Throw your onion, celery, and carrot into crock pot set on high. Pulse with food processor or use mortal and pestle to chop garlic and combine and puree chipotle in adobo to paint onto your chuck roast, followed by a good showering of salt and pepper. Add wine, stock, oregano to crock pot, place chuck chunk on the top. Leave on high till bubble turn down to low and leave for 5 or more hours. I like to set at night before bed and turn it off in the morning, works if you set it before work and should be ready by dinner time. I like it really low and really slow.....chuck is tough so it needs to be cooked slowly to release the collagen and become tender. Shred when tender, you can remove the vegetables but I don't, they are really good.
crock2Eat me....I'm a naughty taco indeed.
For Tacos:
8-10 Corn tortillas, I found "slider" size at the store so I made like two for everyone normal size taco.
2 T. Peanut oil
guacamole etc.
So in a skillet over medium high heat, place peanut oil and cook tortilla on both sides for twenty seconds or until lightly golden. Fill them with meat and filling of your choosing! For a really good time call Cerveza over for the party. Ole'!