Coconut Chicken biryani

Biryani is one of my favorite rice dishes ever, it can however, be quite labor intensive . It was only within the last 5 years or so that I was made aware of its delicious and elegant existence. Mine is based on a few different versions I have eaten and is relatively mild, and simplified so that you can do it all in one skillet and make it on the stove top, I cook the chicken in the oven for an extra level of flavor. Continue reading “Coconut Chicken biryani”

Turkey thigh pot pies and why David Bowie is the Mozart of our time.

Jarom gave me the news last night about Ziggy Stardust/goblin king/style icon, disbelief,shock, as impossible to me as a pink unicorn walking over Cathedral bridge, he always seemed not human, immortal.From what I have read, he made the last album fully aware of the fact he had cancer and the end was near, like Mozart wrote “Requiem”, his final album is his last gift to humanity, it captures the heavy emotions that come with crossing over to the non-physical realm…with style I might add… what a legacy! Continue reading “Turkey thigh pot pies and why David Bowie is the Mozart of our time.”

Sopa De Tortilla (weeknight gringo version)


Hola! Well I am still recovering from the “Holidays”….they should call it the “un-Holidays” because holidays are supposed to be fun and restful. I can’t complain for the most part but there is always something or someone that makes things more complicated…thus is life, but it still exhausts me to the max. I did this year have an outstanding birthday, which didn’t happen last year, and I am so pleased that it is 2016 and the people, places, and things of 2015 are in the rear view mirror. Continue reading “Sopa De Tortilla (weeknight gringo version)”