Analog Summer fun: Picnic in the park.

June 16th 2015

IMG_1951 The perfect tree to have our picnic under.

Well school hasn't even been out a week and already Ava is going stir crazy! My kids love to play "Minecraft" and watch "Youtube" but I do think it is important to try and do some stuff the good old fashion way! When I was a kid me and sisters loved going and having adventures at the park.
Sometimes we would picnic aka: eat the candy that we bought at Vincent's drug, or we would just go and pretend we were astronauts on space adventures. Space was big in the late 80's, "astrocamp" was all the rage! Freeze dried ice cream?! Astronauts live the best life ever! We never went to astrocamp but I always was a bit envious of the kids who did get to I could usually get my sisters and usually cousin to participate in my version. When the whining began around noon today I knew the remedy for Summertime 8 year old boredom....SPACE PICNIC (said in Darth Vader voice)! We agreed that we would go to Kenton Park and soon I was prepping up stuff for lunch...we had this Greek potato saladWP_20150613_014 chicken wings done in the same style as I do Chicken Legs, and some blanched organic broccoli.
IMG_1928 IMG_1934
While we ate we pretended that we were on planet "Giant Tree"....this planet was good for eating and playing some soccer.
We started to get hot so we hopped into space travel mode and went to the "Water Moon" to get cooled off.
After drying off for a bit we went to the "Desert Planet" or play equipment and pretended the swings were space ships.
We decided to go to "Pinecone Planet" in the "Red Tree Galaxy" and pretend we were camping.
Building a campfire. Building a campfire.

IMG_2008 (2)
Roasting Pinecones. Roasting Pinecones.

"Camping" on Planet Pinecone. Tough job. "Camping" on Planet Pinecone. Tough job.

This all may sound silly to the "Adult" brain, but ignore that one and put "Fun" brain in charge....If you are enthusiastic they will usually respond in kind....I'm not speaking for parents with teenagers though....but give it a go anyhow!