Ogden really is awesome.

The Pharaoh’s Horses Tattoo, 1742 Washington Blvd. Ogden Utah

What can you say about the place you come from? I definitely have had my fair share of criticism of my hometown, but I think that is the kind of passion that you feel for a place where you have lived most stages of life; the good and bad. Ogden is geographically gorgeous, regardless of season, the mountains are majestic, the clouds are puffy and surreal, there is a unique energy that I feel only when I am in Ogden. Continue reading “Ogden really is awesome.”

Fruity Fluffer

This is one of those “You can take the girl outta Utah, but you can’t take the Utah outta the girl!” recipes. This is in essence a fruit salad, made slightly more “classy” than the original that I have had at many a BBQ over the years. This came about because my son wanted fruit salad (thanks Wiggles) everyday and I ran out of fun ways to make it, then it dawned on me that we hadn’t had this version of my youth! It’s simple and people love it, they may pretend they are too groovy but once you turn your back the bowl will be gone! Keep in mind I did update it a bit, but not much, and this is a fun throw back to a 60’s era recipe that every homemaker had in her arsonal. Continue reading “Fruity Fluffer”