Underground Panna Cotta with Grapefruit & broiled Orange

July 8th 2014

Wow!  Feel like i've been gone forever, we have successfully moved into our own home, but not successfully unpacked yet. It has been awesomely stressful as with most things that are good decisions.  I have also gone to Seattle, and to the coast, not to mention registering Ava for school, Ari's birthday, and an awesome visit from my homeboy SMP!  On his recent visit he brought along some Underground Herbal Spirit made in my hometown and I decided today was the day to make a quick and easy dessert with the herby elixer before I drank it all.
Panna cotta is a fancy name for an easy dessert, besides baklava I don't really specialize in the sweet stuff much so panna cotta (doesn't everything sound better in Italian?)is a great one for me, if you can make boxed Jello you can make this. Underground is a lower sugar, higher octane, tastier alternative to that other famous herbal liqueur, think the hot, cooler, younger sister to Jager that pairs beautifully with all things citrus, so that's what I did! house (1)
I used some pink grapefruit and orange along with some Underground as my flavorings. It's quite hot in the casa right now, when temps hit 90's in Portland it can be hot for us without central air. So I hardly even used the stove for this!
You will need:
Panna Cotta
Makes four half cup servings
2 cups half and half
1 envelope gelatin (about 2 1/2 teaspoons)
4 Tbsp granulated sugar
2 Tbsp Underground herbal Spirit
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cardamom
2 Tbsp zest of grapefruit and orange
pinch salt
In a microwave safe bowl, place half and half and gelatin, heat in microwave for a minute and a half, stir well until gelatin is dissolved, add sugar, underground spices and salt, stir until sugar is dissolved. Pour mixture into four portions I had some thrifted amber glass cups that worked perfect, use what you got, fridge it for about an hour or two. If you want them unmolded, make it about 4 hours to be safe, I have no patience so I chose to put them in sexy receptacles to begin with.
While your puddin is setting, make some syrup for the top by:
Combine in a small sauce pan
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/4 cup Underground
juice of half a grapefruit
Heat over medium high heat until reduced by half.
Cut a few slices of orange and sprinkle with sugar, broil till brown and bubbly.
Top each portion with a Tbsp. of syrup and some broiled orange, and serve! So damn tasty and easy!