California Walnuts’ Virtual Salad Party and a Cook Book Giveaway!

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I was recently invited to participate in California Walnuts’ virtual salad party! I got to choose from several different entree salad recipes and I chose this one from Aida Mollenkamp. The recipe is Baby Beet Salad With Chevre And Savory Caraway-Walnut Granola and the reason I chose this one is because of the ingenious savory granola element added to a classic mix of stuff my family and I love. Continue reading “California Walnuts’ Virtual Salad Party and a Cook Book Giveaway!”

Grass fed, Cross rib roast

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So I have definitely waxed poetic about Chuck’s and although due to religious beliefs they aren’t open Saturday and they don’t have pork or beer available, I find myself finding excuses to go up to Vancouver just to shop there. Jarom works up there so that helps….my latest and greatest find is the meat department, they serve Painted Hills and it is the best beef i’ve ever had available to me in a grocery store that is still affordable enough to feed the whole family. Continue reading “Grass fed, Cross rib roast”

Tortellini and Turkey meatball soup

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I talked about making soup with the pan juice from my Mom’s Greek Roasted chicken recipe and today I actually did! I saved the pan drippings and placed them in the fridge, then I scooped the layer of fat that separates off the top and used the jellied consomme as my stock! It makes thee best soup stock ever, and I paired it up with some dried tortellini and some meatballs I made out of ground turkey breast…I know its possibly not soup season, but I love soup lately I can eat it in one form or another for every meal! This version is delicious, and you can use whatever stock you have, even beef or veggie, this is just an example of a recipe being a “Two for one” make the Greek chicken get the soup stock for free! What a bargain! Continue reading “Tortellini and Turkey meatball soup”