Grecian bowl of yummy!

April 22nd 2014

IMG_0291 (2)
So I love me some "Buddah Bowl" which is basically a big bowl of healthy vegetarian stuff topped with tahini dressing and eaten with good conscious. There are some great options here and even carts dedicated to the art of "The Bowl". I love eating this way and it feels substantial and healthy. There isn't really a recipe, it consists of a guideline mostly and you do your own thing with what is fresh and tasty and personal preference.
1. Choose some veggies, carrots, beets, whatever you like, cooked or raw.
2. leafy greens, kale, romaine, spinach, etc.
3. Grains, quinoa, couscous, rice, barley, whatever revs your engine.
4. Protein time! Tofu, tempe, goat cheese, beans. Usually non-meat but same idea can be applied using meat as well.
5. Fatty McGee, I.E. Dressing, avocado, oils etc.
6. Toppins, olives, crushed corn chips, garlic, herbs, nuts, endless possibilities!
So the run down of my Greek version is this:
1. Celery, sundried tomatoes, celery, shallots.
2. Organic lactinato kale, shredded and massaged. Are you sick of kale yet? Haha! I still like it, but you can use spinach.
3. Toasted Israeli couscous
4. Lentils I cooked myself with a bit of salt, onions, and garlic.
5. Tahini garlic dressing, here is the recipe
6. I used some nicoise olives, Sheep milk feta, and flat leaf parsley.
Assembly is really up to you, I like to put my greens at the bottom and put a bit of dressing, then I like to vary the temperatures of the toppings, my lentils were warm, I think that adds interest to each bite. This is a great method to know for office lunches, picnics, and even dinners at home. You can use up leftovers you have on hand and make an entirely new meal! Folks around these parts pay upwards of $12 dollars to eat these at restaurants, and they are good, but you can totally control the quality of your ingredients while saving some bucks! Bon appetite!