Tahini Noodles

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I really love this recipe, like it in a unhealthy almost obsessed way….why? Because it so damn tasty! If you bring this to a potluck, I promise there will be nothing left over! With a few things that stay great in your fridge or pantry and a few items I bet you already have on hand, you are 20 minutes away from tasty! Did I mention it’s vegan? Well it is and it is tasty enough to show off for company with the ease of buying all the items in a decently stocked grocery store.
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Japanese Curry

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The other night we went down to Moon and Sixpence and had their amazing “Curry Chips”, I guess in Britain this is totally a thing…a really, really, great thing! Basically its delicious French fries with curry gravy, and it is about the best thing I have ever had as a drinking food.
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Roasted asparagus and beet panzanella

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The best cooks in the world know how to get the most bang for their buck. Italian panzanella is a prime example of repurposing ingredients. Panzanella utilizes leftover, even stale bread and makes it a showstopping salad.
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Aloo Gobi with Sweet potatoes

[pinny url=”https://lollipopsicle.net/2014/03/04/aloo-gobi-sweet-potatoes/” media=”https://lollipopsicle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/gobi.jpg” description=”Easy Aloo Gobi with Sweet potatoes”]
I love Indian food but I used to rarely make it at home, as it always seemed to be missing out on a certain depth. When I first moved to Portland, I met a lady who had just relocated here from India, we would walk our daughters home together from kindergarten and she would practice her English on me while I collected her vegetarian Indian cooking techniques.
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Dirty Martini Ceviche

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I love dirty martinis, and no brand makes a better one then Five Wives Vodka produced in my hometown of Ogden Utah. I also love ceviche and figured I could do a play on both and make my own version of ceviche verde. Ceviche is easier then you think and requires no cooking at all! Citrus juice and in our case vodka do the cooking….or curing you could call it.
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