Broiled ruby red grapefruit with vanilla bean or a discussion on simplicity.

February 27th 2014

In my opinion (which you get a lot of here on my blog) I have found nothing sexier then simplicity. When you can take something or someone and just enjoy them as they are. The most beautiful things on earth are those that require no particular accoutrement, for example a beautiful sunset or a newborn baby. True beauty is natural, uncomplicated, and done with ease. Life is incredibly short and it seems we manimals have a particular gift for over complication, in relationships, in appearance, even in food. From experience the best dishes I have made usually have the least (usually 5 or less), but best ingredients I can find.

Everyday I read another horrific food article about the awful chemicals that we all unknowingly consume on a daily basis, one could get depressed by this but I find it a way to as much as possible to avoid food whose origins I can't trace, chemicals are complicated....and therefore entirely unattractive to me. I know some are good and needed, but not in our food supply. No one is perfect, that is for damn sure, and our tireless efforts to achieve perfection just complicate our lives. The last year or so life has given me a good figurative baseball bat to the face, I'm famous (might be taking a liberty here) for over analyzing everything in my life to the point where it becomes counter-intuitive to say the least and realizing the sad outcome we all have in common (no one gets out of here alive) I have decided to break up with complication and the self doubt that comes with it and focus on simplicity.....oh and dangerous food additives can suck it as well! Does that make sense? Anyhoo let's get down to the grapefruit shall we?
You will need:
1 beautiful grapefruit, I used ruby red because they were on sale, in season, and beautiful, cut in half
2 teaspoons apricot jam
2 teaspoons turbinado or natural sugar
Broiler, mine is real sucky and works marginally well and still came out great!
paring knife
Spread the jam over each side of the halved grapefruit, nice and even like. Sprinkle with sugar, using paring knife cut along perimeter, separating, the skin from the segments. Cut vanilla bean in half, scrape seeds, spread on each half and place pods on top of grapefruit halves. Broil about 7 minutes (keep in mind the suckitude of my broiler, in other worlds yours may broil faster)or until golden and bubbly! Use spoon to munch. Enjoy!
serves 2