Romanesco cauliflower with lemon and herb dressing

October 27th 2013

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Went to a great store in Vancouver today, it called “Chuck’s” and it is on a whole different level of awesome then what I am used to. Not only is the help friendly and attentive, but they are locally owned and apparently have great relationships with the local farms. I found the most amazing romanesco cauliflower today that was locally grown and sixty nine cents a pound! Romanesco is a beautiful variety of cauliflower having a strange and almost "other world" fractal shape, it can be used the same way as you would your run of the mill cauliflower and is full of nutritious vitamins and fiber. I love it and it is in season right now! I chose to keep it simple, blanching the romanesco and then dressing it with a light lemon and olive oil dressing with tons of fresh herbs and nutritional yeast. This dish is great warm, cold, or room temperature!
You will need:
1 head romanesco cauliflower cut into florets (about two pounds)
2 oz extra virgin olive oil
juice of one lemon
1 T capers
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 T nutritional yeast flakes
1 clove garlic, smashed
1 T fresh dill, roughly chopped
1 T flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
salt and pepper to taste
In a large pot boil three cups of salted water, add cauliflower, cook 5 minutes, drain and rinse with cold water (helps retain bright color). Combine the oil, lemon, and garlic in blender, pulse a few times add yeast, capers, and red pepper flakes, pulse. Toss cauliflower with dressing, add herbs, and salt and pepper to taste. Easy and delicious way to try out this seasonal gem!