Faster than take-out plant based fried rice

September 6th 2013

Well finished with my sixth week of plant-based eating, and I am down 12 lbs. and I feel really good. Gotta be honest, I wasn’t perfect, there were some flub ups, but all things considered I feel it was a worthwhile thing to do. Would I ever call myself “vegan” uh, no, first thing first I hate labels in general, next I am totally sitting on a leather chair as I type (it would be hypocritcal,I would however not buy leather furniture again), I think vegan “butter” is a sham (it might be even more unhealthy then the real thing!), and as a culinary artist (at least I like to think so) I could never limit my materials to the extent necessary to fly under the vegan flag. I think plant based eating is the key to optimal health, there is no question there, Americans do not eat enough fresh food, and the standard American diet is well, SAD. I think if I do purchase and eat animal products in the future, I will be picky, we all should be. I want to know the origins of where and how I am getting what ultimately will go into my body. Look gang, if the burger is 99 cents, that cow lived a horrible life, I truly believe that if you eat something that was stressed out and treated inhumanely you will be consuming bad energy. Don’t spend more on a gallon of gas then you do on your lunch, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones.
American mass market agriculture needs to change, we could feed the entire planet if we could just eat less factory farmed animals! Challenge yourself to try to be plant based during the weekdays, then on the weekend eat whatever you want, you will be healthier and you will naturally be sharing the wealth with others….be picky, if we demand better it will change. My advice right now?? Try and source as much as you can from the actual source of production which is an easy thing that has a “trickle down” effect that makes a difference. I want to evolve and be plant based, but if I am in Italy I’m gonna probably eat the prosciutto, but I’m not gonna support factory farms and I will not be eating animal products for every meal….no one needs to. OK rant done…thanks for standing by. Now for healthy plant based fried rice.
This recipe serves 4, you will need:
4 cups rice, I used left over short grain brown
½ package firm tofu, crumbled, this is your plant based “scambled egg”…my daughter didn’t even notice, switch this out and I betcha no one will notice!
1 cup cooked, shelled edamame
1 carrot, diced small
1 clove garlic, minced
½ small onion, diced small
1 Tbsp. cooking oil, the healthier the better
1 Tbsp. Bragg’s liquid aminos or soy sauce, you can let everyone add more after it’s done to suit their preference
1 green onion, sliced thin
Optionals: sesame seeds, sambal chili sauce, herbs, whatever else you like or veggies you have on hand.
In a large skillet over high heat, add oil, onion, carrot, and garlic, cook until onions are clear, about 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Add tofu, toss, add rice, edamame, and bragg’s or soy, stir using a wooden spatula or chopsticks, cook about 5 more minutes, making sure to stir often. Top with green onions and other optionals! Quick, easy, faster and cheaper then take out, and healthier! This will become a new favorite for you and your family! Kids love it!