3 ingredient, no cook, chocolate + chia seed pudding

August 1st 2013

So after educating myself, by reading “Eat to live”, I got me some chia seeds and some flax. My kids always want ice cream or sweet stuff, so I did an experiment, my hypotheses was that if it has a little sweetness and chocolate they will eat it. Well I was right! Not to mention this recipe is so ridiculously easy a trained or not trained chimp could make it! Therefore, it will hopefully do well on pinterest…….I’m joking…im joking….kinda. Anyway, chia are totally cool they have the consistency of tobiko (tiny fish eggs) and can be used as a natural thickener that totally makes you feel full!
You will need
½ cup chia seeds
2 cups chocolate soy milk, or you can use almond, I used Silk chocolate soy, for consistency and so I wouldn’t need to add any extra sugar.
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean, scraped of its inner beauty.
In a bowl mix all those things…..fridge it for a few hours….donzo…yes seriously. I topped ours with a lil’ ground flax, totally taste like ground nuts! Super good, super easy, super healthy!
Makes 4 servings