Easy grilled pork chops for a crowd

June 29th 2013

Do you remember that ad campaign for pork in the 90's it was something like "PORK, the other white meat" take that chicken! When you think outdoor grillin, pork chops probably don't come to mind, but why not? Depending on the cut, pork chops are lean, affordable, and totally tasty when grilled over an open flame. I was on vacation to see my family and one afternoon I decided to grill the value pack o' chops that my mom had in the fridge. I was worried there were so many that they wouldn't all get eaten....they were gone in mere minutes.
We had a pack of random thin cut loin chops with bones (bones are good for holdin and eatin, classy style) I think there were three pounds or so. Marinated them in teriyaki sauce (not the thickened stuff), pour enough on that it covers the chops, I used about a quarter cup, juice of 1 lemon, 1T dried Greek oregano, 2 T fresh parsley, drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, marinated them 30 minutes (can go overnight), grilled on medium high gas grill (I don't have one so whenever I get a chance I like to grill on them, so easy) for three minutes per side, depending on thickness,you can also do it on a grill with charcoal just watch the heat, unlike popular belief, grilling food doesn't mean incinerating beyond recognition. This is a fresh, easy, healthy way to serve pork chops not only was it a total crowd pleaser it was super affordable. Keep it cool inside and take your "other white meat" out to the grill, you can thank me later!