Fava time and the living is easy....

June 15th 2013

Spring is ending and with summer just around the corner, fava beans are again at their peak. I spotted them today at the farmer's market and knew right away at $2.50 a lb now was the time to buy. They are a bit pesky to prep, but as I was googlin' I read a post on a foraging site that said that if you add a lil baking soda (1 tbsp for every quart of water) your Fava beans will be super easy to peel. Thought I would pass that awesome tidbit of info along. I think seasonal cooking is much easier in that it take less ingredients to make a dish, if you use a few great veggies in season, a lil cooking, and a touch of sea salt you basically have today's recipe. I prepped my favas by shelling them, blanching in a bit of water with baking soda, peeled them and added a touch of sea salt. The color alone on these favas was so beautiful, serving them crushed on a slice of baguette would be enough. I roasted one bunch of baby carrots, I just cut them down the middle, no need to peel since they are so small and fresh, coated them lightly in olive oil, and roasted for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees till just fork tender, on the same pan as the carrots I roasted my cleaned morels, for about 10 minutes...so easy! The mushrooms are earthy and hearty. These ingredients together are a wonderful introduction to what our summer bounty has to offer, with minimal oil and salt needed the vegetables own natural flavors and aromas become the star, and not only is this dish delicious it is healthy and can be eaten at any temperature, which makes it easy for a summer barbecue or potlock and can be enjoyed by everyone, including those with dietary restrictions. Add ease to your life by eating seasonally, great ingredients are the key to being a great cook.