Hollywood Farmer's Market

June 1st 2013

When we moved here to Portland two years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. Sure I had my ideas of what it was like, but living here has opened the door to all types of things I didn't consider before. We live in the Northeast and benefit from many a walk-able amenity. We rent a house in the Hollywood district, where many of Beverly Cleary's books are based. It's a beautiful neighborhood, with tall, tree lined streets and unique architecture. I will always smile upon this period of my life, not because of its perfection...much to the contrary, more because I have started to appreciate the moment more, simple pleasures....one of those being our local farmer's market. It doesn't matter how lousy I feel or how tired I am, walking a few blocks to see what our local community has to offer makes me feel inspired and motivated to work on my craft.
rooty beetvana market
The feeling I get when tasting seasonal produce, or admiring the works or music of local artists is not something I could put a price on, and definitely is not something that can be experienced by a trip to Wal-mart.
romaine onion
This market is a reflection of the passion of not only the consumers, but the vendors as well. I feel like if I have to be a consumer I want to feel like I am being responsible.... and by shopping locally, I feel better about parting with my hard earned dollar, actually it is quite a nice experience, opposed the usual hum-drum shopping trip.
morrels bread herbs berry
Some say it's "Too Expensive" to buy local....but I think its quite to contrary....you not only lose out on taste and quality but in life experience, its like the difference between driving a BMW or driving a caravan....live rich, be wealthy in experiences.
lesfleur flower bike crabby herbs

Beet eater can't wait! Beet eater can't wait!

I love that my kids get to have this experience while they are in their formative years....priceless.