Farmer's Market to Table

May 5th 2013

Finally! Our farmer's market is open! Surprisingly there were a few booths I didn't see last season...I found some really nice stuff. Asparagus....fresh, beautiful, local, asparagus! I made a flat bread the other day with some asparagus I had gotten from out of was good and all, but I can't really explain the difference in the two varieties...the one today...eons better. It felt supple and kinda fuzzy, I kept telling the lady that they felt velvety, and she was like yeah dorko they were picked this morning...not her actual words but you get the gist. Anyway the market never fails to inspire my faith in the world...I know it's a little weird. With temps being in the 80's round here, everyone was out today..and unfortunately tamale lady was sold out, but we found some other things to try, and it seemed that summer had stopped by for a surprise visit! I just blanched the asparagus in sea salt, boiling water, for maybe 3 minutes and then put them in an ice bath so they retain their bright green color. I then placed them on a plate and added some walnut pesto I had made earlier (any Genovese variety would work)..seriously so good! I am always amazed by how a vegetable could taste so much better when it's not been on a truck for a month before sold...picked before its ready so it will have a longer shelf life, ugh...some things aren't meant to have a long shelf life, you just enjoy them why they are there and in their prime. I also found some spring onions that I used in some ramen, and I bought some gorgeous rainbow chard!