Martha Stewart helped make me the person I am today! And why that is "a good thing".

March 25th 2013

Martha and her perfect, home grown lilacs .

Damn that Martha Stewart! In the 90's Martha Stewart was the prima culinary goddess of the mass media (t.v) with the burgeoning internet playing a role, she became a lifestyle brand superstar. She also did sometime for white collar crime...which gives her some thug cred...kinda cool. I recall watching her program and feeling like "who's life is really that perfect?, Who's biscuits are so golden?, who can cut paper and make a flower vase?" in other words inferior....I would sit and yearn for just a ounce of her organization skills, a pinch of her garden prowess, and her collection of cast iron. Martha's homestead, ever so fabulous, with just a hint of shabby chic, who can forget her "Macgiver"-like repurposing skills! Of course I later realized that you can't believe everything you see on T.V. and that she had 45 interns cutting paper and polishing her pans. Look at how food has become a pop culture interest, I think Martha Stewart was a big player in making the "homemaker" something that can be marketed and shared with others. Homemaking has become a interest and is taken seriously(look at the popularity of the homemaker blogs)! Home cook talent shows have become rather popular and being able to cook is viewed as a "cool" thing...I think a lil' thanks for this should go to Martha...perfect bitch! Ha ha!