Amber Glass

March 24th 2013

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Amber Glass is one of my favorite things.  It's basically glass that has been tinted using a mixture of sulfur and iron oxide.  The color can range from light yellow to deep ruby amber.  I've been collecting it for a few years now, getting all my pieces from different thrift shops all over.  My mom is great at finding many pieces that she sends up to me.  Foods that are pale in color, eggs, poached meat, dough items look great on amber glass.
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Many of these pieces are from the seventies, but a few are older and reflect that Art Deco style that originated in Paris in the 20's then in the states during the 30's and 40's.  I think plates and food receptacles can say a lot about who you are as a cook.  I usually go with white for most impact, but there are certain foods that look especially sexy on smokey amber glass.  Yes I think I just called food "sexy".....but I think you get the idea.  I think there are artful qualities to all things really, and why not make something more interesting?  Especially things you have to do on the daily.  My maternal grandfather used to collect all kinds of  things one of them being glass, my mom has a nice colored glass collection as well as a mini bottle collection, and an awesomely creepy doll collection (that is a post in itself...for another day, grasshopper) so maybe this is a genetic thing.  I know many folks that collect china, and stem ware.  I guess this is just another thing that interests me....looking at it makes me happy, and gives food a little bit of a smokey, French, that too much?  Haha....anyway, try plating on some colored glass.

Art Deco Bowl Art Deco Bowl

Spanikopita wrapped chicken on amber glass plate Spanikopita wrapped chicken on amber glass plate