Wings?! We don't want no stinking wings! (poulet "Legs" aux Buffalo stylie)

March 23rd 2013

Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs

Okay so I have cooked, cut, sauced, tossed and eaten my fair share of "buffalo wings".  The worst thing about them is washing a sink full of wing plates at 11pm at get a greasy hot sauce line up to your elbow, and you basically need to exfoliate to get that off.  Anyway, most chicken wings are fried, then placed in a variation of the classic "Frank's red hot" and butter.  The possibilities are endless!  The wing as a pop culture food phenomenon has grown to where the whole point in using them (as a way to make mass profit from a cheap protein, and cut the booze in your system) has become quite counter intuitive.  With most trends....the wing has been played out...what used to be $1 a lb are now up to $4 a lb.  For about 5 years or so I have toyed with and perfected....the oven baked...sauced....inexpensive CHICKEN LEG!  Yes I said it....I decided to try this first of all because I'm on budget....second because my husband only likes the "drumettes" and not the joint of the classic wing and thirdly (not an actual word, but should be) I like me some pub grub.  Anyway you dice it Chicken and "frank's" is a hit.  Now don't go and buy leg quarters (thigh attached) unless you want to hack off the thigh and use for something else (which I totally do if the price is better), you can buy NW raised, all natural "value" packs of legs at our Fred Meyer's here for sometimes 99cents on the dollar....or go to "New Seasons" and buy the "classy" chicken for about $2.50 a lb....let's say you are going to a kegger....or a church outing whateves....and you need to feed a bunch of folks (hopefully not a Vegan sure you could do a tofu version though and use smart balance instead of on tangent must return) buy 5lbs of chicken legs and follow my simple non-fried approach to "bar food" gluttony.

  • 5lbs of chicken drumsticks

  • sheet pans or a big roaster...I use a roaster to  get a faux "confit" type of fall of the bone thing...think poor mans confit...sure yeah.

  • 400 degree oven pre heated

  • 1 Cup of franks (or if you are a "mild" opposed to "wild" ..BBQ sauce, I really like using teriyaki sauce then top with sliced scallions and sesame seeds)

  • 1 stick melted butter (margarine if you are gross, or vegan and think that using hydrogenated oils (scientifically modified fat chains) is healthier then a natural product from a's your world we are just living in it!) Skip this if you are using a pre-made sauce

  • and a few tablespoons of honey to taste.

YOU DO NOT NEED 20 INGREDIENTS TO MAKE GOOD WINGS (legs)!  Simple is better, cheaper, and lower on labor.  Dry your chicken with some paper towels, this ensures the skin will be nice and crispy.  We are not salting our draws water out and won't be as moist. I took out the frying cuz it's messy, fattening (we are already dipping them in butter), and not efficient with two small children.  Set your dried chicken on your sheet pans, you are using dark meat, so it contains natural fat, doesn't need can if you want cuz they do stick, but if you have a good metal spatula you will be can put foil underneath for clean up...but I don't do that because aluminum is a non-renewable resource, but to each their own.  Put those puppies in the oven and cook the life outta em' (about an hour, to 90min).  Mix your butter, hot sauce and honey in a large bowl, toss chicken legs in sauce....put on a plate...or if you want to leave em in the bowl and put the garbage can next to you while you sit on the couch and watch "Lifetime" movies that is totally fine (I have a non-judgmental blog).  Serve with all your fav (dressing, carrots, celery, BEER) and viola "I feel like chicken chicken tonight!" (commercial from the 90's).  Look ladies take these to your favorite bachelor, wearing a trench coat, and even birkenstocks and romance is on the agenda.....if you want that or just sit at home eat them for yourselves and be glad you are not one of the "Dance Moms".  Don't be a leg hater!  Try chicken wing's, cheap and voluptuous cousin...once you try that you won't ever go back!  Prost!
Beautiful organic multi color carrots.  White one was outta this world!  Celery and some apple I was snacking on while chopping Beautiful organic multi color carrots. White one was outta this world! Celery and some apple I was snacking on while chopping