Dandelion Greens....Tis the season.

March 15th 2013

So I've been wanting to do some gardening this year....yesterday I went to assess my garden spot; there in the composted, weediness, sat green and lush the most appetizing looking dandelion greens I've ever laid eyes upon.  So there I went a foraging and found one of my favorite things, for free, in my backyard.  My Mom used to take us in the Spring to find all the tasty dandelion greens while they are edible...once they flower...no bueno.  This tradition is one Mom stumbled onto from my Dad who grew up very Greek, "horta" are greens, served warm or cold with olive oil and lemon.  Horta are a super food and can contribute to a longer life and many other benefits....if you are in this for the health reasons...its worth a google.  Personally, I just like em', some would say it's an acquired taste....not for me I've always just loved greens.  I must say Oregon has some amazing weeds....I have never seen such lush and emerald dandelions in my whole life!!!  This is one of those times when I wish I could beam down to UT and show my Dad my bounty.  When harvesting, make sure you cut right at the root, and rinse, rinse, rinse!SAMSUNG
I rinsed mine three times.....first in hot water, then cool water, then repeat till there is no more dirt or worms...that can ruin a meal.  Next in a large pot, boil  salted water....add greens, cook 20 minutes or till tender (remember these take longer to cook, then chard or spinach).  Drain water, add olive oil, juice of one lemon (I lucked out and found some "in season" meyer lemons) salt and pepper....you can add a teaspoon of granulated garlic while boiling if you like.  Serve today or tomorrow with bread!  Seriously one of my favorite foods, so instead of covering dandelions in pesticides...try eating them!