Alameda Brewing

March 8th 2013

Yes, it’s raining in Portland…..but that is really ok because it’s great stout beer weather!!! My featured brew du jour is Alameda’s Black Bear XX. Moving to PDX two years ago from Utah, I never really understood what a “brew house” really is! A true pub is like a neighborhood gathering place, a much better alternative to what many a Utahan has done…going to the ole’ TGImcNasty pants chain restaurant, where if one asks for a beer it takes an hour to get and you are looked at like a criminal…no joke one time at a BBQ chain in Layton I got ID’d five times!! I was done eating before I got my beer. Here in the rose city you can take your kids at “happy hour” (Alameda has especially great food, btw…a lacking theme with some other brew houses with great beer but less then mediocre fare) reduced price brews, great $5 meal options (Lemon pepper chicken strips, beer battered goodness…yes please!), on Tuesdays Alameda even has all their brews for $3, which should make ya holla! The service is competent without being phony and you CAN BRING KIDS!! Bringing kids saves us parents who like to enjoy a brew without dropping $20 an hour for a babysitter….God I love you Portland! Stout beer should be rich, delicious, creamy, a head of copper, and like any good stout tastes great with chocolate (they make an out of this world milkshake with it!). I take everyone that comes and visits me to the Alameda. If you are native to P-town or planning a visit they are located at 4765 Fremont or check em’ out on the web I am just a fan, and wanted to share my love of what they do….yellow wolf imperial IPA is also a must try. Have the black bear on nitro! Also they frequently have awesome seasonal beers depending on what is in season My bloody valentine saison (blood orange), white peach IPA, huckleberry IPA, bad bunny cream ale….never a dull gulp.